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The dilemmas facing pacifists

John Manfield discusses what pacifism means to him, and how he struggles with philosophical dilemmas  I got interested in war as a child, when I watched a TV series about World War One. Both this and, much later, the reports I watched about the Vietnam War had a big impact on me. I started to … Continue reading

Stop the War joins with Occupy London campers for peace walk in capital

The weather was bitterly cold for Sunday’s peace walk in London, a joint venture between Stop the War and the Occupiers of the St Paul’s Cathedral camp. One had to feel admiration for the tenacity of the campers, many of whom have been there since the camp began in October and who were facing another … Continue reading

Oil companies in rush to ‘get what they can’ in Iraq before illegal contracts can be torn up

Iraq remains in “a mess”, as foreign oil companies rush to “get what they can” before any future Iraqi government can tear up the contracts illegally signed by the present “corrupt” American-installed government. That’s the view of author Greg Muttitt, who has spent years researching what happened to the Iraqi oil industry following the invasion … Continue reading

‘Shop your neighbour’ immigration ploy is diversion from bigger issues of war, NHS and mass protest

by Sue Fenton The government’s new crackdown on immigration, announced today, is a clever attempt to divert attention from other, more important, issues. The cunning “new approach with tough limits” is launched just two days after the big anti-war demo in Trafalgar Square and just one day after the protests and “die-in” on Westminster Bridge … Continue reading

Message from Afghanistan – end the war now

The attack on British Council office in Kabul has forced to the top of the news agendas — recently dominated by the UK riots and the collapsing world economy — the war they cannot hide. As the BBC correspondent reported, it shows that the Taliban and other resistance forces can strike anywhere in Afghanistan, disproving … Continue reading


Supporters of Royal Navy medic Michael Lyons gathered in solidarity in August outside the military prison in Colchester where he is serving a seven months’ sentence for refusing to undertake rifle training because he believes the war in Afghanistan is wrong. (SEE: http://bit.ly/nL9tBT) Like ex-soldiers Joe Glenton, Ben Griffin and Malcom Kendall-Smith, whose consciences made them … Continue reading

Stop the War celebrates 10th anniversary

It’s nearly 10 years since the Stop the War Coalition was formed, following the events of 9/11. The war in Afghanistan began 10 years ago this October. The organisation is planning a number of events around these anniversaries. 1. Mass anti war assembly in Trafalgar Square October 8th, organised with CND and BMI. We already have … Continue reading



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