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Don’t Attack Iran campaign gets big response from public ahead of national day of action

The Don’t Attack Iran campaign, launched just two weeks ago, is getting a tremendous response, writes Stop the War national office, with approaching 30 Stop the War groups around the country organising events in the coming weeks, including for this Saturday’s national day of action. SEE LIST HERE: http://bit.ly/wTXnfL With talk of Israel launching an attack … Continue reading

Stop the War moves to new London offices and appeals for funds

Stop the War is moving to a new and bigger office next month and is appealing for donations to help it cover the costs of the move. The costs will be approximately £10,000, which includes: * £500 per month additional rent X 12 months = £6,000 * £2,000 office equipment and transport for the move … Continue reading

Aggressive behaviour of police mars good-natured atmosphere of London anti-war event

The extraordinary behaviour of the police threatened to mar the otherwise good-natured and relaxed atmosphere of last weekend’s anti-war event in London,writes a member of Reigate & Redhill STW. Although there was no significant police presence in Trafalgar Square, or on the short march to Downing Street afterwards, things changed outside Downing Street. Having delivered … Continue reading

Weekend of protest in London as anti-war demo is followed by bridge-block protest over NHS cuts

by Sue Fenton London will be a hive of activity this weekend, with the huge anti-war demo in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, followed by a march to Downing Street, and the UK Uncut occupation of Westminster Bridge on Sunday, in protest at the government’s plans to privatise the NHS. Saturday: Trafalgar Square, 12-4pm There’ll be … Continue reading


A message from JEREMY CORBYN MP, Stop the War Coalition national chair, and LINDSEY GERMAN, Stop the War Coalition national convenor. The Antiwar Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square on 8 October is going to be one of Stop the War’s most important events. Thousands of people have pledged to be there (see http://bit.ly/pBlNMI), transport is … Continue reading

Help build support for the October 8 Stop the War demo in London

* Pledge to be in Trafalgar Square: http://bit.ly/o10L6p; * Use your Twitter and Facebook to spread the word as widely as you can, using the link to the October 8 website: http://bit.ly/o10L6p; * Encourage your friends, family, work colleagues, fellow students etc to pledge to be there; * Get the October 8 postcards from Stop the … Continue reading

9/11 and Ten Years of the “War on Terror”

Statement by Stop the War Coalition Ten years ago terrorists used hijacked aeroplanes to destroy the Twin Towers in New York City, killing nearly three thousand people.  This was a crime which Stop the War Coalition condemned at the time, and it reaffirms that condemnation today. It was a terrible crime for which there can … Continue reading


Supporters of Royal Navy medic Michael Lyons gathered in solidarity in August outside the military prison in Colchester where he is serving a seven months’ sentence for refusing to undertake rifle training because he believes the war in Afghanistan is wrong. (SEE: http://bit.ly/nL9tBT) Like ex-soldiers Joe Glenton, Ben Griffin and Malcom Kendall-Smith, whose consciences made them … Continue reading

Stop the War celebrates 10th anniversary

It’s nearly 10 years since the Stop the War Coalition was formed, following the events of 9/11. The war in Afghanistan began 10 years ago this October. The organisation is planning a number of events around these anniversaries. 1. Mass anti war assembly in Trafalgar Square October 8th, organised with CND and BMI. We already have … Continue reading

Next meeting

Our next meeting is Wednesday August 3rd at the Garland in Brighton Road. CND meeting from 8-9pm then STW meeting.



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