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Stop the War joins with Occupy London campers for peace walk in capital

The weather was bitterly cold for Sunday’s peace walk in London, a joint venture between Stop the War and the Occupiers of the St Paul’s Cathedral camp. One had to feel admiration for the tenacity of the campers, many of whom have been there since the camp began in October and who were facing another … Continue reading

Community spirit and well-organised, peaceful protest at the cathedral despite initial kettling

Sarah Finch, Green Party councillor for Redhill East and a founder member of Redhill Coalition Against Cuts, reports on her visits to the Occupy LSX camp in London.  As so much media space has been devoted to the occupation of St Paul’s these past two weeks, I’m not going to write about the issues, the … Continue reading

Legal action starts to move protesters from St Paul’s, trigger-happy US cops set worrying precedent

Both the City of London Corporation and St Paul’s Cathedral management today announced they would be taking legal action to clear the 200-plus tents from the area around St Paul’s that is occupied by the @OccupyLSX protesters. http://occupylondon.org.uk/ The Cathedral said it had made the decision “with the greatest reluctance” and reiterated that it “shares” the message … Continue reading

Redhill residents to join occupation of the London Stock Exchange

Redhill Coalition Against Cuts announced today that it will be sending a group from the town to join the Occupy the Stock Exchange action starting this weekend. The group said: “This is a peaceful mass action in protest against the greed and irresponsibiity of our financial system.  Thousands of people from across the UK will … Continue reading

‘Shop your neighbour’ immigration ploy is diversion from bigger issues of war, NHS and mass protest

by Sue Fenton The government’s new crackdown on immigration, announced today, is a clever attempt to divert attention from other, more important, issues. The cunning “new approach with tough limits” is launched just two days after the big anti-war demo in Trafalgar Square and just one day after the protests and “die-in” on Westminster Bridge … Continue reading



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