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‘Shop your neighbour’ immigration ploy is diversion from bigger issues of war, NHS and mass protest

by Sue Fenton The government’s new crackdown on immigration, announced today, is a clever attempt to divert attention from other, more important, issues. The cunning “new approach with tough limits” is launched just two days after the big anti-war demo in Trafalgar Square and just one day after the protests and “die-in” on Westminster Bridge … Continue reading

Weekend of protest in London as anti-war demo is followed by bridge-block protest over NHS cuts

by Sue Fenton London will be a hive of activity this weekend, with the huge anti-war demo in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, followed by a march to Downing Street, and the UK Uncut occupation of Westminster Bridge on Sunday, in protest at the government’s plans to privatise the NHS. Saturday: Trafalgar Square, 12-4pm There’ll be … Continue reading



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