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Join Saturday’s protest to mark 10th anniversary of Guantanamo camp – help free the prisoners

This week marks the shameful 10th anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. The ill treatment of these prisoners detained without trial or any legal rights has produced widespread opposition to the camp. There will be a protest organised by London Guantanamo Campaign and Save Shaker Aamer Campaign this Saturday 7th Jan, 2pm … Continue reading

Join London protest against belligerence towards Iran and Syria

By Stop the War national office Simon Jenkins writes in Wednesday’s Guardian that ‘Imposing sanctions at Washington’s behest is an idiocy, and likely to do little other than escalate the steps to open conflict’. (See http://bit.ly/zk2kVc ) The new year opened with further threats against Iran. More sanctions from Washington and a blacklist of anyone who … Continue reading

Prepare to protest over 400th British soldier’s death in Afghanistan

Stop the War is asking its supporters to prepare for a national day of protest when the 400th British soldier death is announced, calling for all the troops to be brought home. A big effort was made over the new year to present the situation in Afghanistan in a favourable light. The reality on the … Continue reading

Picket US Embassy to protest against intervention in Middle East

Stop the War is calling a protest on January 28 against western intervention in the Middle East. The growing threats against Iran in recent weeks have been backed up with increased sanctions. As we know from Iraq, these are likely to be a prelude to war, not an alternative to it. There are signs of … Continue reading

Weekend of protest in London as anti-war demo is followed by bridge-block protest over NHS cuts

by Sue Fenton London will be a hive of activity this weekend, with the huge anti-war demo in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, followed by a march to Downing Street, and the UK Uncut occupation of Westminster Bridge on Sunday, in protest at the government’s plans to privatise the NHS. Saturday: Trafalgar Square, 12-4pm There’ll be … Continue reading

New Whitechapel assembly point for anti-EDL demo

The national demonstration against the English Defence League tomorrow (3 September) will now assemble in Whitechapel. The new assembly point is 11am, corner of Vallance Road and Whitechapel Road, London E1. The event, supported by Stop the War, is being organised by Unite Against Fascism. The site is very close to the East London Mosque … Continue reading



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