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Middle East situation becomes more dangerous as West engineers excuses for ‘moral intervention’

A personal view by Tom Burr Over the past year the world and in particular the Arab /Moslem world has become much more dangerous with new flashpoints appearing almost overnight. It is evident that the West is now manoeuvring to create a situation that will give them the excuse for yet another ‘moral intervention’ in … Continue reading

With Libya secured and under the control of oil companies, US invasion of Africa is under way

The killing of Muammar Gadaffi in Sirte has been marked by a round of celebrations by western governments over their intervention in Libya, writes Stop the War national office. As with the capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, it will be described as a turning point … Continue reading

Foreign Secretary fends off tweets about Libya and silly Qs about baseball caps & Bronski Beat

Foreign Secretary William Hague spent nearly an hour on Twitter this afternoon answering questions about the “intervention” in Libya, at #askFS. See http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/news/latest-news/?view=News&id=649927082 for the transcript, just issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. He got quite a hard time, with most of those tweeting seeming to be at best sceptical about this latest war. … Continue reading

Libya after Gadaffi: is Syria next for ‘intervention’?

The fall of the Gadaffi regime in Libya marks yet another turning point in what has been a truly remarkable year in the Middle East. The victory of the rebels, backed by Nato bombing in a six month campaign initiated by the British and French governments, also heralds the rehabilitation of a discredited doctrine — … Continue reading



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