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Don’t Attack Iran campaign gets big response from public ahead of national day of action

The Don’t Attack Iran campaign, launched just two weeks ago, is getting a tremendous response, writes Stop the War national office, with approaching 30 Stop the War groups around the country organising events in the coming weeks, including for this Saturday’s national day of action. SEE LIST HERE: http://bit.ly/wTXnfL With talk of Israel launching an attack … Continue reading

Stop the War steps up campaign over aggression towards Iran & Syria, issues tips for local activists

Stop the War is stepping up its campaign against the threats being made to Iran and Syria by the US and other western powers. It will spend the coming months mobilising to increase awareness and build support for Stop the War. Protests against western intervention were held in locations around the country on Saturday, including … Continue reading

Stop the War moves to new London offices and appeals for funds

Stop the War is moving to a new and bigger office next month and is appealing for donations to help it cover the costs of the move. The costs will be approximately £10,000, which includes: * £500 per month additional rent X 12 months = £6,000 * £2,000 office equipment and transport for the move … Continue reading

Join London protest against belligerence towards Iran and Syria

By Stop the War national office Simon Jenkins writes in Wednesday’s Guardian that ‘Imposing sanctions at Washington’s behest is an idiocy, and likely to do little other than escalate the steps to open conflict’. (See http://bit.ly/zk2kVc ) The new year opened with further threats against Iran. More sanctions from Washington and a blacklist of anyone who … Continue reading

Stop the War joins with Occupy London campers for peace walk in capital

The weather was bitterly cold for Sunday’s peace walk in London, a joint venture between Stop the War and the Occupiers of the St Paul’s Cathedral camp. One had to feel admiration for the tenacity of the campers, many of whom have been there since the camp began in October and who were facing another … Continue reading

Picket US Embassy to protest against intervention in Middle East

Stop the War is calling a protest on January 28 against western intervention in the Middle East. The growing threats against Iran in recent weeks have been backed up with increased sanctions. As we know from Iraq, these are likely to be a prelude to war, not an alternative to it. There are signs of … Continue reading

Rally is first move in campaign against western brinkmanship that increases tensions with Iran

A public rally in London yesterday was the first move in a national campaign against an attack on Iran in the next months, says Stop the War head office. Speakers included George Galloway, Tony Benn, Lindsey German and Abbas Edalat. The western powers seem to be doing everything possible to increase tension with Iran. EU ministers … Continue reading



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