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Protesters pledge to occupy Freedom Plaza, Washington DC

Demonstrators will be staging a peaceful occupation in Washington DC’s Freedom Plaza on October 6, “Afghanistan Tuesday”. This day was chosen because it’s the precise 10 year anniversary of Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan and the launching of the whole “Global War on Terror”. The organisers point out that “for ten years the richest country in … Continue reading

American activists using Twitter to encourage action for Afghanistan Tuesday

American anti-war activists are gearing up for Afghanistan Tuesday, the date (October 6) that marks ten years of US war against Afghanistan. Many of them will be using Twitter, the instant online messaging facility, to make their point, writes Joe Scarry of Chicago. Ordinary Americans are saying, “Enough is enough!”. One of the ways they … Continue reading

Anti-war news reaches Reigate from across the pond

Have you ever assumed, because of the way the American media and ours cover the wars, that most Americans are pro-war? Have you ever wished “the Americans” would suspend their credulity and start questioning their government’s foreign policy? Well, if so, you’ll be interested in our new page about the US peace movement. (See Peace … Continue reading



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