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France suspends operations in Afghanistan after troops killed by Afghan soldier

France has effectively suspended operations in Afghanistan in response to the shooting dead of four French soldiers by a member of the Afghan army. Contrary to claims that the situation in Afghanistan is stabilising, the incident highlights the growing violence in the country. Like similar incidents where Afghan soldiers have turned their guns on their trainers, this one … Continue reading

Americans can’t change Afghan culture and may yet be driven out of Afghanistan

Brian Glaister reflects on US hegemony as seen in its attacks on Afghanistan My first reaction to the Afghan attack was to see the profoundly ignorant US politicians supposing that their supreme military and economic power could change the culture of the Afghans. A principle of social anthropology is that the culture of a society … Continue reading

Prepare to protest over 400th British soldier’s death in Afghanistan

Stop the War is asking its supporters to prepare for a national day of protest when the 400th British soldier death is announced, calling for all the troops to be brought home. A big effort was made over the new year to present the situation in Afghanistan in a favourable light. The reality on the … Continue reading

Get ready to protest about 400 dead British soldiers in Afghanistan

Stop the War is asking supporters to get ready to protest when the number of British soldiers who have died in the Afghan war reaches 400. Local groups should prepare vigils, naming of the dead ceremonies and other events to publicise and protest this pointless killing. In his recent book on the occupation, The Ghosts … Continue reading

Aggressive behaviour of police mars good-natured atmosphere of London anti-war event

The extraordinary behaviour of the police threatened to mar the otherwise good-natured and relaxed atmosphere of last weekend’s anti-war event in London,writes a member of Reigate & Redhill STW. Although there was no significant police presence in Trafalgar Square, or on the short march to Downing Street afterwards, things changed outside Downing Street. Having delivered … Continue reading

‘Shop your neighbour’ immigration ploy is diversion from bigger issues of war, NHS and mass protest

by Sue Fenton The government’s new crackdown on immigration, announced today, is a clever attempt to divert attention from other, more important, issues. The cunning “new approach with tough limits” is launched just two days after the big anti-war demo in Trafalgar Square and just one day after the protests and “die-in” on Westminster Bridge … Continue reading


Latest bulletin from STW national office All the signs are that the Anti-war Assembly in Trafalgar Square on Saturday is going to be a memorable day. Pledges to be there are pouring in and among the latest are the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who will be speaking in person, Birmingham councillor and leader of the … Continue reading

The Antiwar Assembly on October 8, London: latest details

Antiwar Mass Assembly, Saturday 8 October, 12 noon, Trafalgar Square, London  From Stop the War head office Many thanks for signing the pledge to join the Antiwar Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square. Thousands have pledged and there is a steady stream of new signatories. Thousands more who have not pledged will be there. Transport is … Continue reading

Protesters pledge to occupy Freedom Plaza, Washington DC

Demonstrators will be staging a peaceful occupation in Washington DC’s Freedom Plaza on October 6, “Afghanistan Tuesday”. This day was chosen because it’s the precise 10 year anniversary of Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan and the launching of the whole “Global War on Terror”. The organisers point out that “for ten years the richest country in … Continue reading

American activists using Twitter to encourage action for Afghanistan Tuesday

American anti-war activists are gearing up for Afghanistan Tuesday, the date (October 6) that marks ten years of US war against Afghanistan. Many of them will be using Twitter, the instant online messaging facility, to make their point, writes Joe Scarry of Chicago. Ordinary Americans are saying, “Enough is enough!”. One of the ways they … Continue reading



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