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With Libya secured and under the control of oil companies, US invasion of Africa is under way

The killing of Muammar Gadaffi in Sirte has been marked by a round of celebrations by western governments over their intervention in Libya, writes Stop the War national office.

As with the capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, it will be described as a turning point and a further victory in the seemingly endless ‘war on terror’.

There is little reason for the triumphalism. Nato’s war on Libya was not a ‘humanitarian intervention’ but a war for regime change — illegal under international law. It was about the western powers attempting to regain control of the region in the face of the Arab uprisings across the Middle East.

Yet despite its overthrow of the regime in Libya imperialism faces many problems in the region.

In Libya itself it is already clear that there are many divisions between the different elements in the new government, and not at all clear that a stable regime will emerge. Even if it does, the ordinary people of Libya will see their interests subjugated to the oil companies and other western business, backed up by Nato, which has no intention of vacating the scene.

The consequences of the war on terror elsewhere are not outbreaks of peace and democracy but rather a spreading of the war.  Afghanistan, ten years on, has just experienced its bloodiest two years of war. Iraq remains a society destroyed by war and occupation. Somalia remains war torn with Kenyan troops recently crossing the border. Pakistan suffers drone attacks which have killed thousands. The Israeli oppression of the Palestinians continues. There are threats of intervention over Syria.

The recent alleged plot against the Saudi ambassador to Washington was blamed on sections of the Iranian government and Saudi and Israel are both urging attacks on Iran. Far from the west conquering all, it is deep in the mire of war. The gloating over Gadaffi should not become an excuse for further interventions that will only spread the carnage further.

John Pilger writes that, with Libya secured, an American invasion of Africa is under way. http://bit.ly/qJ6PhP  Combat troops are already being sent to Uganda and will be sent to three further African countries.

“American plans for Africa,” explains Pilger, “are part of a global design in which 60,000 special forces, including death squads, already operate in 75 countries, soon to be 120. As Dick Cheney pointed out in his 1990s “defence strategy” plan, America simply wishes to rule the world.”


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